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Beyond The New: A Search For Ideals In Design

· 8 min read
Hella Jongerius
Industrial designer and art director
Louise Schouwenberg
Head of the master’s programme Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven

We advocate an idealistic agenda in design, as we deplore the obsession with the New for the sake of the New, and regretfully see how the discipline lacks an intimate interweaving of the values that once inspired designers, as well as the producers of their ideas.

Jan Gehl: Cities for People

· 4 min read
Sebastián Romero

Photo: Ursula Bach, Municipality of Copenhagen

"You architects, why don't you really care about people? What you do greatly affects people's lives, yet you don't learn anything about people in school," his wife, a psychologist, said to a young Jan Gehl, just graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. It was this question that, in the sixties, led him to hit the streets and try to learn everything he hadn't learned in school.